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How to Configure Zoho Docs with Dropbox?

Steps for integrating/disintegrating Zoho Docs with Dropbox.

1. Configuring the Dropbox Account
2. Selecting Dropbox Folders
3. Syncing Dropbox Folders
4. Pause Sync, One Time Sync and Continuous Sync, Deletion of Folder
5. Unconfigure Dropbox Sync […]

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Zoho integrates with Dropbox: Provides Cloud Storage and Editing

Document management tool Zoho Docs tied hands with cloud storage and file sharing app Dropbox, enabling synchronization between the files in Dropbox and Zoho Docs. Zoho Docs is a simple document management tool which is available online, free for personal use. Dropbox is a cloud storage platform, which also have free and paid versions. […]

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Forms by ZoHo Creator

I created a Contact Form to allow the readers to send me messages right from the blog, using ZoHo Creator. The form helps in hiding the email address from the spammers. Its very eazy to […]