Zoho Viewer – Upload and View Documents Online Without Software

Zoho Viewer allows you to upload and view your documents online without requiring any software to be installed. You can also share the document with your colleagues and friends. No sign up required. It is free and lets you upload documents for viewing or sharing it online.  After uploading, the application provides the user with a URL that they can use to share the document with others. The URL can also be posted to blogs and forums. The user doesn’t even have to sign up or sign in to Zoho to use it.

Zoho Viewer supports many commonly used file types, including Microsoft Office’s .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pps, .pptx and OpenOffice’s .sxw, .sxc, .sxi along with .wpd, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .html, .csv and .tsv. Users can upload documents without logging in. It supports numerous file types and generates a URL that the user can access to post the item on a forum or blog entry. The process takes almost no time at all and gives users more flexibility when sharing a document online.


  • [advt]Upload documents of up to 10 MBs or smaller
  • Access a URL to share your document with others
  • Post URLs to forums or blogs for public viewing
  • Share many commonly used file types
  • Use Zoho Viewer without logging in or creating a Zoho account

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