Zoho Mail With Offline EMail Access and Mobile Support

Zoho MailZoho launched Zoho Mail for the public, and provides offline support and mobiel support. Zoho uses Google Gears technology to enable offline functionality.

You can download images and attachments as well in offline mode. Zoho Mail automatically detects your connectivity and switches to online/offline modes, cool, isn’t it!

You can also configure Zoho Mail to send and receive emails from other POP email accounts. Zoho Mail doesnot have any advertfree and also has no storage limit.

I have been a beta user of Zoho products, and very much impressed with their technology innovation. Wonderful! Congratulations Zoho team.

Why not give it a try? Check out mail.zoho.com

All Google fan have been long waiting for offline support for Gmail, Google Apps Mail, and Calendar using Google Gears. Any idea when can I see it happening?

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