Zoho integrates with Dropbox: Provides Cloud Storage and Editing

Browser based Document management tool Zoho Docs tied hands with cloud storage and file sharing app Dropbox. Now the users are able to synchronize files between Zoho Docs and Dropbox.

Zoho Docs is a simple document management tool which is available online, free for personal use. It is also available in two paid versions, for the firms. Dropbox is a cloud storage platform, which also have free and paid versions. Now, both firms have integrated their apps together to give a better app.

Zoho offers Word Processor similar to Word and OpenOffice, Spreadsheet similar to Excel and OpenOffice and Presentation similar to PowerPoint and OpenOffice. It also offers Secure file sharing between users and groups with password protection.

Using Zoho, one can create a central repository to share folders. The user can also invite other users to view and edit the data in the repository. A task manager tool is also available with Zoho.

Now after the integration between Dropbox and Zoho Docs, Zoho had enabled synchronizing the files in the Dropbox folder with Zoho. The user can choose the files he wants to open with Zoho. Also, the user can edit the word, spreadsheet or presentation documents in Dropbox using Zoho’s inbuilt editors, thus the user can avoid the hassle of downloading third party editor apps.

Via this, the Zoho Docs files can be synced between computers. Also it offers seamless two way content synchronization. That means if a file in the Dropbox is edited using Zoho, the change will be applied to the existing file in Dropbox folder too.

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