Google, Find My Phone, Please!

If you have Android Device Manager (ADM) App installed and configured on your Android device, you can find your phone by asking Google search to “Find My Phone”. If the Google map locates your phone at your home, you can have your device ring at full volume for 5 minutes to help you find it. You can press the power button to stop the ringing. The device rings even if it was on mute or vibration. […]


Free Wi-Fi Zone in Patna Inagurated

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, at the e-Bihar summit in Patna, unveiled the World’s longest free Wi-Fi zone stretching nearly 20 kilometer between the National Institute of Technology (NIT) at the eastern end of the Ashok Rajpath and Danapur at the western end of the state capital. […]


Angry Birds Stella

Rovio Entertainment has just announced Angry Birds Stella, an upcoming game in the Angry Birds franchise aimed at female fans. Rovio has given some background on the story of the game. Six new characters have been introduced in Angry Birds Stella, with Stella being the protagonist. […]

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TUEBL Digital eBook Publishing Platform

TUEBL is a digital platform which connects authors with their fans, via eBook publishing. TUEBL helps market books and authors. TUEBL is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Till date, TUEBL had published 33,000 books wrote by 11,000 authors. […]