Zoho – Edit Your Documents Online & Offline

Zoho, the Office productivity suite, recently announced the new functionality in Zoho Writer – being able to view and edit your documents offline. The offline edit functionality is based on Google Gears. Google Docs is one of the direct competitor of Zoho, and Live Documents is new in the same field.

You need to have the Google Gears plug-in install for accessing Zoho Writer offline. Google Gears works on Firefox 1.5+ and IE 6+.

When Going Offline, Zoho downloads your documents to your system using Google Gears features. When you are not connected to the internet, you can visit http://writer.zoho.com/offline to access and edit your documents offline. When you are back online, clicking on ‘Go Online’ will let you to synchronize the modified documents with the online versions. All online functionalities are not available in offline mode now.

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