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ZoHo CreatorI created a Contact Form to allow the readers to send me messages right from the blog, using ZoHo Creator. The form helps in hiding the email address from the spammers. Its very eazy to integrate with your webpage.

You can create online forms, trackers, libraries, etc. online, share with your family or friends or colleagues. You can also export the data. I have created a private RSS feed for the data and added to Google Reader. It’s so simple! The forms can be created within a few minutes; all these without any technology know-how. Check out ZoHo Help for detailed functionality. The ZoHo Forums is very helpful and you get answers very quick.

I have added the form to TECK.IN, and added the link in the top menu.

Thank you ZoHo Team! applause


  1. BTW, in Set Email Notification, now there is a checkbox “Include User Submitted Data”. Tick this and you will get the message also via email.

  2. Vivek,

    In your Zoho Creator Homepage, ( ), you will see a View of your form in the left menu. Click on it. In the details, you will find an Export Data for exporting all records of this view as the following formats:Spreadsheet, HTML, PDF,
    RSS Feed, JSON Feed (A javascript-based, lightweight data exchange format), CSV Feed, etc..

    I use the RSS feed format and read it through Google Reader along with other blog and news feeds. I created a tag/folder in the Reader specific to Zoho.

    I think Zoho do not send you an email with the content of the feedback form. Zoho form is another way of collecting data from users unlike regular pure email forms.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Hi Sree

    I tried my hands at Zoho Creator and created one small feedback form. I got the permalink. Now my question is , where can i see the feedback entered by user in the form I created. It is simply giving message that ” Data Added Successfully”.

    Where can i see the added data?


  4. Dear Charles,
    Thanks for visiting us. Yes, have seen other services, looks good, will send the feedback.

  5. Dear Sree,

    Thanks for the post on Zoho Creator. We are glad that it is useful for you. We also have a host of other services in . Please try them and let us know your feedback.

    BTW, You have a very informative blog and it is really nice.

    Zoho Creator

  6. Thanks Vivek, updated it. I was writing the post, got posted unknowingly. The form and the posts are now updated.

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