Send Free SMS Using Mobile Java App from Cell Phone

Probably everyone had heard of sending free SMS from PC to mobile. But what about sending free SMS right from your mobile phone to your friends?, the free SMS provider website, is providing a free mobile application for cell phone users to send 80 character free SMS messages to any mobile in India. The 28 KB mobile application is easier to install and have added features for easy text messaging.

The 160by2 SMS application allows you to send SMS to your friends, either from the contacts in your mobile phone book or from the contacts you saved in According to 160by2, you can send Free SMS To India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia through their website or mobile application.

160by2 is also available as a mobile app for Android devicessymbian devicesiPhone and Blackberry devices.

How to install the 160by2 application in your mobile?

You can install the 160by2 SMS application either through mobile internet or through a PC.

Install 160by2 SMS Application via Mobile

In order to install the mobile application to send free SMS through 160by2, visit from your mobile phone, download the application and install it.  Simple!

Installing the SMS application via PC

To install the application using computer, go to

  1. Login in with your mobile number and password.
  2. You can then visit .
  3. Check whether your mobile phone supports the 160by2 application by checking whether your mobile model is listed in the ‘check your device compatibility’ box.
  4. Select your phone model
  5. Download the application by clicking on the Download button.
  6. Transfer the downloaded Java file to your mobile.
  7. Run the application from your mobile and enjoy free SMSing.

How can I send SMS using the 160by2 application?

You can send SMS from 160by2 application in either of the following two ways:

SMS with GPRS Connection (VIA GPRS)

If you are having a GPRS enabled device, you can use the ‘VIA GPRS’ feature of 160by2 to send free SMS. In ‘VIA GPRS’, once you login, you will stay login even if you exit the application. You can continue sending SMS until you intentionally logout. In ‘VIA GPRS” mode, you may be charged by your service provider for internet usage.

SMS without GPRS connection (VIA SMS)

The ‘VIA SMS’ by 160by2 does not require internet connection to send SMS messages. In this mode, you don’t need to login. Your mobile number will be used to validate your identity. In ‘VIA SMS’, you can send SMS up to 10 recipients at a time, but you will be charged for the cost of only one SMS. [source]

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