Download Droid Scan Lite – Turn Android Device Into Document Scanner

Droid Scan Lite is an Android apps that turn your mobile phone into a document scanner that goes where you go. Convert any snapshot into a highly readable JPEG or PDF by fixing geometry, contrast, and color. Record full-page documents, white boards, receipts. On-phone conversion: complete confidentiality, no subscription fees.
Integrates with OCR by Docs, Evernote, Goggles. Share via email, SD, more.


Download Droid Scan Lite from Android Market

Latest Feature:

  • Turbo import (Pro only)
  • Batch convert (Pro only)
  • Most secure authentication with OAuth2
  • Recommended apps
  • Hi-res scan optimization
  • Color document enhancement
  • [advt]Automatic document size detection with manual adjustment
  • Legal, Engineering and Architectural paper sizes (Pro only)
  • ZIP file support

Pro Features

  • Turbo capture of multiple images.
  • Generates multi-page PDF files.
  • Google Docs upload with OCR.
  • Shares scans as multi-page PDF files.

Basic Features

  • Evernote upload with OCR for search.
  • Perspective correction: starting from a standard snapshot, produces results rivaling those you would get from a flat bed scanner.
  • Document type detection: automatically recognizes business cards and standard paper sizes so that your scans have exactly the right shape; the automatic guesses are very accurate but you can override them if necessary.
  • Shares scans as JPEG files.
  • Works across a wide range of Android devices with cameras.
  • Takes advantage of all camera features including flash and auto-focus.
  • Super-fast edge detection with manual adjustment if needed.
  • Post-processing to produce optimized color or black and white images.
  • All processing except OCR takes place on the phone, ideal for sensitive documents.
  • Sharing via standard Android targets: GMail, SMS, web upload.
  • Sharing with most apps that accept JPEG or PDF files: Dropbox,, Goggles, etc

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