Download Free SMS Mobile App from, the free SMS provider is now providing a mobile application for mobile users in India which allows them to send 145 characters SMS to any phone in India. For this, the user needs to download the Symbian application to their Symbian powered phone. You can find the list of symbian application supporting phones from here.

160by2 is also available as mobile apps for Android devicesjava phonesiPhone and Blackberry devices.

How to install the application in your mobile?

To install the application, you have to visit in your mobile browser. Download the application and install. Allow the installation of Mobitop Server which automatically installs for one time. Choose the required settings. After the menu page is loaded, you need to go to settings menu and update the application once. That’s all.

How the Symbian application works?

To be able to send message, you need to setup an account in You can sign up either through the 160by2 mobile application itself or through a computer by visiting Once registered, you will get a username and password which is to be used in the Symbian application to send messages.

What makes the 160by2 Symbian mobile application unique?

Apart from allowing you to send 145 character SMS, the application comes with more than 5000 free message templates to send and forward messages to your friends. You can send SMS directly to members in your phone contacts, forward, reply or resend messages, upload and backup contacts, and you can also access the native inbox, outbox and phonebook, all through the 160by2 mobile application.


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