Subscribe to Jokes & Job Alerts with Google SMS Channels

Everyone likes jokes, cricket updates, jobs alerts etc. You too can get all those jokes, news, cricket updates and favorite topics on your mobile through Google SMS channels. Here we show you how to get your favorite SMS channels delivered in your mobile.

How can I find interesting Google SMS Channels and subscribe?

  1. Login with your Google account to
  2. Here in the ‘Search for channels’ box, you can enter the keyword for which you want the SMS updates. For eg; if you want cricket related updates, type cricket in the search box. Then all SMS channels relating to cricket will be displayed. You can then subscribe from the list. Similarly you can search for jobs, fashion, music, news etc to subscribe.
  3. You can also find SMS channels from the left panel titled ‘Narrow by category’ which had a fair collection of unique SMS channels. Selecting a category will list all SMS channels relating to that category and from the list, you can subscribe your favorite channel. Done.

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