GTmetrix – Free Online Website Speed Analyzer

GTmetrix is a free and online website speed analyzer which uses both Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow in order to let you realize how quickly your site loads for people who use browsers other than the one you are well-acquainted. And it also lets you realize how accessible your site is when it comes to countries that might not have the fanciest Internet connections to go around. A lot of suggestions and recommendations are provided on the site, and you can also see a full history highlighting the effects of any change that you have made to your site over time.

It enables you to compare multiple URLs and, once signed up, you can:

  • view the past tests ran to compare with the current results
  • schedule daily/weekly/monthly automated checks
  • save reports
  • set any report to be public or private


  • Analyze your website’s performance.
  • Get recommendations and grades.
  • [advt]See details for each recommendation.
  • Compare multiple websites.
  • Keep track of your performance reports.
  • Recommendations for Content, Server and CSS/JS issues.

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