Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger Interoperability

Yahoo Inc and Microsoft Corporation announced yesterday that they have made their instant messaging networks interoperable. Currently it is available for limited public test. Now you can send and receive instant messages between Windows Live Messenger (version 8) and Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (Beta, Version 8).

I tried it today and works good. It is better when all of my IM contacts upgrade their IM software to correspnding IM version 8 and sign up for beta test. There is a delay in sending/receiving messages between networks, within acceptable limits. Some 24 emoticons work across WLM and YIM. YIM BUZZ and WLM Nudge are equivalent and cross functional. Features which are not supported for cross chat are not shown in the chat windows of WLM or YIM.

This is a good initiative from Microsoft and Yahoo, it’s always good to collaborate than working in isolation.

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