EveryTimeZone – Automatically Converts Local Time to 12 Time Zones

EveryTimeZone is a website that automatically converts your local time to 12 time zones so that you don’t have to convert them manually. It can save you a lot of trouble when figuring out the time in other places in the world. It presents users with a list of time zones. A line runs down the page, indicating the user’s local time (which is displayed at the top inside a box attached to the line). The user can follow the line down to see what time it is right now in other places throughout the world.

Every Time Zone also displays the current date in case the time zone crosses into or falls behind a day. The user can drag their current time left or right to set it to a specific time so they can see how it converts across time zones.

Every Time Zone is a cool app that visualizes the days between major cities, allowing you to easily organize online meetings, or know if it is worth bothering your client at this time. It instantly converts your local time to the times in Honolulu, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, Vienna, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, and Auckland. It also displays that city’s corresponding time zone by UTC offset so that you can refer to it if the place that you are looking for is not listed.


  • Time zone difference visualiser.
  • Instantly converts your local time to 12 time zones based on major cities.
  • Displays the cities’ time zone by UTC offset.
  • Indicates which cities follow daylight saving time.
  • Shows the date and part of the day for each time zone.
  • [advt]No registration or login is required to access Every Time Zone
  • The service is free so users can check time zones as much as they like
  • A convenient slider allows the user to change current times
  • Every Time Zone lists all time zones on the page so the user can see many at once
  • Dates are also presented so the user can see when the time zone is into the next day

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