SMS my EMail – Email to SMS Alert Service

SMSmyEmail is an E-mail to SMS alert service. It’s in beta. As the name suggests, SMSmyEmail helps you have your emails forward to your mobile phone as plain text messages (SMS). GPRS or Internet access is not required for using SMSmyEmail Service.

SMSmyEmail provides 5 alerts per week,total of 50 alerts for Free. You can also get 20 alerts for each friends signed up through your invitation. Invitee should add at least one email address. Currently I do not see any option to buy more credits, guess there are working on it. I found it not much reliable yet, I guess the team is working on it. Even the website has still an amateur look.


You may not want all emails to be forwarded. To control which emails you need to be forwarded to your mobile, you can set filters. You can also deactivate alert service via going to the website. Maximum ten alerts per day is allowed for free service.

When you add an Email account to SMSmyEmail, SMSmyEmail service will start sending SMS from this account from the date you added this email account. Whenever you change your email password, you will need to update your SMSmyEmail account.


  1. Please accept my request to deactivate mail alerts on my mobile as it is causing inconvenience
    and irritating. Please oblige immediately.

  2. Please accept my request to deactivate mail alerts on my mobile as it is causing inconvinience. A lot of money is being wasted. please do the needful immediately,

  3. I am also fedup with unwanted deduction of my balance in mail alerts. I want to deactivate the facility. Do help me to do the same.

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