160by2.com Mobile App – How to Download, Install and Register?


What is 160by2 Mobile Application?

160by2 is Downloadable J2ME Mobile Application that allows users to send FREE SMS throughout India.

What are the requirements to download 160by2 on mobile?

To access 160by2 on mobile you need:-

  1. A J2ME (Java) MIDP2 device.
  2. An active GPRS connection. (This is only to access Via GPRS feature of 160by2)

How do I access the 160by2 mobile application with my mobile phone?

If your phone is compatible, simply browse to http://160by2.com/app in your phone’s web browser to download the 160by2 mobile application.

If your mobile phone doesn’t meet the requirements for this application, you can still log in to your 160by2 account using your mobile phone’s browser at http://160by2.com. Get more Information for
160by2 on Mobile

How can I install 160by2?

You can directly download and install 160by2 from your mobile browser by visiting http://www.160by2.com/app

You can also download 160by2 on your PC or laptop and then install it on your mobile.

There are no specific installation steps. You only need to click “YES” when it asks for the permissions to download.

What is the size of the download file?

The size of 160by2 is just 28KB for CLDC 1.1 mobile phones and 21KB for CLDC 1.0 mobile phones.

Where can I find the 160by2 mobile application after downloading completes?

Mobiles devices from different manufacturers save downloaded applications into different locations. Try the following folders :-

  • Nokia: Try the My own folder or the Applications folder.
  • Samsung: Try the Downloads Applications folder.
  • Motorola: Check the Games & Apps folder.
  • Others: Depending on your theme, it can be in the main menu or in the application folder

What does it cost to use 160by2 for mobile?

We do not charge you to access 160by2 from your mobile phone. But depending on your service plan, you may be charged by your wireless provider. Check with your provider for more information about fees associated with accessing the Internet from your mobile phone.

There is no register option in 160by2. How shall I create my account?

160by2 mobile application is for the existing users of 160by2 (web account).You can visit www.160by2.com to register yourself and then use your USERID and PASSWORD to login at your mobile.

What is Via GPRS feature of 160by2 Application?

Via GPRS option allows users to send Free SMS to any mobile in India. User is charged only for the usage of internet as per his tariff plan.

What is Via SMS feature of 160by2 Application?

Via SMS option requires no internet connection. Users can send SMS to any mobile in India and is charged for one sms as per his tariff plan.

What is the character limitation on Via SMS?

The message length in Via SMS depends on the number of recipients.

Message Length Number of Recipients
80 7
79 8
69 9
59 10

I am asked for permissions whenever I try singing in?

You are asked for permissions to protect your mobile from wrong access. This setting is specific to your device. You can select “Ask only once” to avoid permissions again and again. Some devices requires to change application permissions in their device settings option.

What shall I do whenever I am asked for permissions?

You are asked for permissions either when application tries to connect to internet to send or recieve data (i.e whenever you send sms or access 160by2 contacts) or it tries to access the inbuilt features of your device (i.e accessing your phone book). These permissions are just to prompt user about the ongoing activity. Hence you can simply allow permission to proceed.

When I click “Send” in VIA SMS, I am asked permission to send message to a different number (+919848356765) ?

The number displayed while sending message using Via SMS is the gateway number of 160by2. Whenever you send a message, it is by default delivered to our gateway and from there we shall forward it to the list of recipients as provided by you. Thus you are charged only for one sms to any number of recipients you want.

Why can’t I set sending message permission to “Always allowed”?

By default the access right for messaging API is set to “ASK ALWAYS”. The user needs to be prompted whenever any application uses network messaging or multimedia services of his device.

I can not access my phone book from 160by2?

This is because your mobile does not allow 160by2 to read data from its PIM. This is based on security level of your device and the supportable JTWI package.

When I try to upload my phone contacts on 160by2, I get message as invalid numbers?

Since 160by2 provides free SMS service anywhere in India to any mobile, It stores only the mobile numbers that belongs to India. Other contacts such as Landline numbers or mobile numbers belonging to other countries are listed as invalid numbers.

My mobile is not listed in the compatible devices list. Can I still download 160by2 Java Application?

If your devices is not listed in the compatible devices of 160by2, you can try external download.

Find your device platform(MIDP Version), configuration(CLDC Version) and package support.You can do this by visiting the web sites of your device manufacturer. Based on above details open respetive JAR File Links from your mobile browser or Download the Jar and Jad files on your PC to transfer and install them on to your mobile

2.0 1.0 N0 http://www.160by2.com/app/c1
2.0 1.0 Yes http://www.160by2.com/app/c2
2.0 1.1 Yes/No http://www.160by2.com/app/c3

There is no guarantee of 160by2 application to offer 100% functionality when downloaded externally.

NOTE:- 160by2 application currently does not support any model of Blackberry (Research in Motion) devices.

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