Emailology – Website that Guide E-Mail Designer and Developer

Emailology is a website which aims to guide designers and developers with the best practices of Email design. The project includes an e-mail boilerplate that is very well-commented and includes hacks for cross-client compatibility, for starting quickly. A knowledgebase lists the tips and tricks categorized for each Email client. It is the right place for finding answers to client-specific issues.

There is a standards guide which presents the universally-supported HTML and CSS tags (it is possible to get client-specific data). And, a character conversion feature allows copy-pasting your own code for converting the special characters into HTML entities.

[advt]You can learn all there’s to know about how to word an email, and also about how to design it in structural terms. Four main sections are provided: “Email Boilerplate”, “Client Tips & Tricks”, “Standards Guide” and “Character Conversion”.

The site covers all the most popular email providers’ day one by one, with articles such as “Stop Yahoo! Mail from rendering your Media Queries” and “3 Things you need to Know about Hotmail’s Latest Release”. And the same can be said about email clients such as Outlook – you get to know how they work from the inside, and what can be done to have any email that you’re sending out look much crisper on any of them.

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