Gmail Maximum File Attachment Size Increased to 25MB

According Gmail Help, Gmail has increased the maximum file attachment size that Gmail can send and receive to 25 megabytes (MB).

The increased maximum email size limit in Gmail is good news to many users who frequently share photos, music tracks, videos and documents with others, which has grown bigger in size with advance of technology.

Even though Google has increased the size limit, many other free email providers keep the bar low. So it is not advisable to send heavy attachments over 20MB to non-gmail accounts. You may also use the attachments to backup your files in your draft or to your friends gmail accounts.

The increased 25 MB maximum message size limit has been rolled out and implemented to all Gmail accounts. Gmail users with Flash-based multiple attachments upload feature will have warning pops up if the file exceeds the 25MB size limit.

Currently Gmail offers more than 7GB of free email storage space, and growing at 100MB per month rate.

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