Skychalk – Location-Based Communication

Skychalk is a location-based communication for you to engage with people around you. Just you can post any message to any location, and anyone can read it. It puts you in charge, zoom the map to any area, from a whole city to a street corner, and see what’s been written. Post anonymously. Post as yourself.

[advt]A geo-location service that lets people post messages to be read by those who are nearby, SkyChalk lets you connect with people who are attending the very same concert you’re attending, for example, and discuss all that’s happening onstage with folks sitting at the other end of the auditorium. And the same can be said about any match you’re attending you’ll get to discuss every play that ended in a dubious fault, and see everything through the eyes of people who were sitting somewhere else in the same arena

You can also use a service like this one to find cool places to head to when you find yourself in any city that’s all new to you for the first time. And a service like SkyChalk is also coming handy when you’re looking for a place to rent. Geo-located messages like the ones you can post on this site will make your search a whole lot smoother.

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