Calendagram – iPhone App to Create Wall Calendar

Calendagram is an iPhone/iPad App that lets you create wall calendar from your Instagram photos. It will print and mail your calendars to any destination worldwide within 3 business days. It lets you take the finest pictures that you’ve ever featured on the ever-popular photo sharing service, and have them turned into wall calendars that are printed and delivered by the company for you to place on your office, your home or just anywhere you think people would be likelier to react to them more enthusiastically.

Download Calendagram for iPhone

To create a calendar

  1. [advt]Connect to your Instagram account
  2. Select 12 photos
  3. Your photos are inserted automatically into calendar
  4. Enter delivery address and choose quantity

Measures 8×16 (20×40 cm) printed on high-quality heavy cardstock. Each calendar is hand made and checked by a member of our team before delivery. Delivery time depends on local and international mail services, but generally about 15 business days from the time of order.

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