Dropbox Introduces Dropbox Platform, Sync Everything to Cloud

The cloud storage provider Dropbox has announced a newer version of Dropbox called the Dropbox platform at the first developers conference it held at San Francisco. The new platform is a suite of APIs [application programming interface] which provides a syncing solution for all forms of data across multiple platforms.

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston says, ” The new Dropbox Platform is built on top of the Sync API. It has been designed to replace the physical hard drive and soon ‘sync’ will become the new save option for users.”

” Keeping devices and apps synced with your most up-to-date info has gone from “nice-to-have” to essential, which creates a real challenge for the people developing apps. That’s why we’ve designed the Dropbox Platform to be the best foundation to connect the world’s apps, devices, and services, ” He adds.

Dropbox initially started with Sync API and Core API which helped the system to sync every data, save it and do the read and write operations. The Dropbox team has introduced a new API and two new Drop ins to the Dropbox Platform. The new API is called the Datastore API.

According to the Dropbox team, unlike the PCs, today’s user depends on smartphones too and the files are stored in a dissimilar way to the PCs. Sync API and Core API can work with the PC files, but not with all kinds of files stored in Smartphones. The Datastore API can overcome this and it allows the user to store any kind of data such as settings, to-do lists, contacts, games and even the doodle drawings.

The two new Drop ins ‘Chooser‘ and ‘Saver‘ are the other attractions. Chooser allows people to access their files in Dropbox  across any platform. Saver gives provision to save the files into Dropbox at a single click. These are already in use in Yahoo! Mail, Shutterstock, and Mailbox.

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