Tag My Doc – Assign and Print QR Code on Your Documents

Tag My Doc allows you to assign and print a QR code on your documents. Just upload your document and let Tag My Doc generate a Qr Code for it. You can then print out your document with a QR code on it.  Its free version allows you to store up to 1GB of documents on your Tag My Doc account, password protect your documents, and choose the placement of the QR code on your document.

This is the first web application that utilizes QR codes in order to share documents. Also, TagMyDoc offers numerous other solutions supported with QR codes that are usually and exclusively available to businesses.

UseTag My Doc to put QR codes on the paper documents you distribute in your classroom. Then students can scan them to save them to their phones and tablets thereby eliminating the need for you to give out extra copies when if your students lose the paper documents you gave them.

TagMyDoc can

  • [advt]No need to print your documents on paper, simply have an electronic copy.
  • Unlimited amount of documents sharing.
  • Freedom of document propagation.

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