Fileboard – Manage Your Attachments and Files on iPad

Fileboard is a service which allows people to manage their attachments and files on the iPad. You can manage your knowledge on the iPad. It brings all your documents, allows for easy reviewing, annotation and sharing through email. It is designed with advanced security features to allow companies to implement strategies like BYOD. You can connect a number of document repositories and your company email for managing the workflows of your knowledge workers.

Download Fileboard for iPad

Fileboard allows iPad users to manage email attachments and files in a single, unified view. Via a free iPad app, users can add and manage multiple file streams and accounts such as email for attachments, Office 365, Dropbox and It will then show you all of your recently updated files and share files.

Fileboard plans to continue to add additional security, data loss protection, and role-based control features. The company has raised funding from 500 Startups, Christopher Grey and Klaus Fürst von Sayn Wittgenstein.

[advt]Fileboard lets you bring email, Evernote and Dropbox together. If you get this app, you’ll be able to send emails with attachments taken straight from Evernote and Dropbox. And when downloading an attachment, you’ll be able to download it straight to either service.
So, this is an application that can sync up your email account with some of the most popular storage services of the day, and use them all as if they were one and all the same.

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