Pingdom tools – Website Performance Analysis Tool

Pingdom tools is website performance analysis tool. You can provide URL of the web page for which you want to analyze performance, and it will show you a waterfall view of the sequence in which objects are loaded. It also shows total number of objects that are downloaded, size of objects, and total time taken for web page to load.  It uses a global network of servers to monitor the customers’ sites 24/7, all year long.

How it works ?

[advt]The Full Page Test loads a complete HTML page including all objects (images, CSS, JavaScripts, RSS, Flash and frames/iframes). It mimics the way a page is loaded in a web browser.

The load time of all objects is shown visually with time bars. You can view the list of objects either in load order or as a hierarchy. The hierarchy view allows you to see which objects are linked to in for example a CSS file.

Every test also shows general statistics about the loaded page such as the total number of objects, total load time, and size including all objects. It has also put a limit on the number and size of the objects that are loaded.

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