Print, Scan, and Publish Directly to Dropbox Using CloudZap

Cloudzap LogoCloudZap is a Suite of Applications that let you Print, Scan, and Publish directly to your Dropbox. You can print from any application to your Dropbox. Scan from any twain scanner directly to your Dropbox.

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CloudZap includes 3 Great apps plus a Microsoft Office Add In:

CloudZap Printer– Print from any applicatoin directly to your Dropbox with CloudZap Printer. Print a single job to multiple locations on multiple Services like Google docs, Dropbox, etc and print to SharePoint Document Libraries and List Items.

CloudZap Scanner– Scan documents from any Twain Scanner to your Dropbox.

CloudZap Publisher – Load your publishing queue and publish files to your dropbox. No server configuration required. Just install and begin publishing to your Portals.

CloudZap Office Pack– A great addon for publishing your office documents, including outlook emails, to your Dropbox.

CloudZap SnagIt Integration– A great integration that lets you use the award winning SnagIt and CloudZap to capture, edit, and publish your screen captures directly to your Dropbox.

Features of CloudZap:

  • Print from any application to your favorite Cloud Services.
  • View your printed content on your Android device or iPad. [advt]
  • Save paper, ink, and benefit the environment.
  • Scan from any Scanner to your favorite Cloud Services.
  • Archive your Outlook Email to the Cloud with CloudZap.
  • Use the Award Winning SnagIt and CloudZap to publish your screen shots to the Cloud.
  • Save on Printing Costs.
  • Reduce wear and tear on your printing devices.
  • Print to the Cloud and Share Instantly.
  • Integrate CloudZap Publisher with your 3rd party applications.
  • You get 3 Great Apps: Print,Scan, and Publish
  • You get Microsoft Office and Snaglt integration

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