Hojoki – Integrates all Cloud Apps into One Activity Stream

Hojoki is a service that integrates all your cloud apps into one activity stream. You can use Hojoki to have your updates from sites such as Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, Delicious and Highrise brought under the same roof, and reply to everything much faster. And not only can you see all the latest activity on your favorite sites at a glance, you can actually share your updates with as many people at once as you want.

[advt]It shares your updates with your coworkers you all will get to know what has been done at a glance. It puts and end to sending messages just to let others know what you’ve doing recently. And you’ll get to see these files that everybody else in your same team has been working on just by logging in to your Hojoki account. An instant notification system will let you see when new items have been added, and also when old ones have been updated.

Hojoki has recently been launched, and for the time being the whole service can be used for free. That’s set to change once the beta period ends, and although an “always free” plan will be provided, some of the service’s most relevant features will be available only to those who are willing to pay for them.

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