Get Full Read-Write Access to NTFS & HFS+ from within Linux – Download NTFS and HFS

Paragon NTFS & HFS for Linux 8.5 Express is a commercial Linux kernel driver for rapid and transparent read/write access to NTFS and HFS+/HFSX volumes. The Express Edition includes full functional combined NTFS and HFS+/HFSX drivers for Linux.

Download NTFS & HFS for Linux 8.5 Express 


  • Transparent read-write access to NTFS and HFS volumes — single Kernel module provides support for both NTFS and HFS+ file systems
  • High performance (in some cases even better than native Linux FS)
  • Easy installation and uninstallation (performed via shell scripts)
  • Support for modern Linux Kernels and distributions
  • Support for SMP kernels
  • [advt]File sharing over network via SAMBA
  • Low CPU load during data transfers
  • Unlimited file and volume size (within NTFS/HFS+ and Kernel limitations).
  • Mount any NTFS and HFS+/HFSX volumes like native Linux ones. Automatically add volumes to fstab (for automatic mounting at Linux startup).
  • 64 Bit architecture support
  • Low CPU load during data transfers
  • Support for SMP kernels (multiprocessor systems)
  • High performance — transfer rate is the same as for native Linux file systems
  • There is no limitation to maximum file and volume size (within Kernel and NTFS or HFS+/HFSX limitations)

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