Access Dropbox Files from Outlook – Download Dropbox Gadget

Xobni LogoThe Dropbox gadget in Xobni allows you to access your Dropbox files from Outlook, so you can easily send them to others. Simply find the file in your Dropbox account that you want to share, and with a single click you can either copy the link to your clipboard or open a new mail with that link already included. If the file is not already “shared,” it will be moved to your public directory, and only available via the copied URL. This gadget accesses sender’s Email Address.

Download Xobni for Outlook

By bringing Dropbox into Outlook, you can easily share files of any size and will not be restricted by email’s file size limitations.

To use the Dropbox gadget, you will need:

  • A free or premium Dropbox account.
  • Xobni for Outlook 2.0, which is a free download.

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