Indian Government to Ban Use of Gmail for Official Communication

The Government of India may soon prompt its employees to start using official email service provided by India’s National Informatics Center (NIC) for official communication instead of using other services like Gmail on a move intended to increase security of confidential government information.

At present, several senior Government officials in India, including ministers Milind Deora and Kruparani Killi, have been using their Gmail IDs as their official email.A DEITY official said that the Government plans to send an official notice to all its employees to turn their backs to services like Gmail and to stick to the email service by NIC.

[advt]This move may be likely the after effect of former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden’s revelations that the US government had direct access to personal data on the internet from companies like Google, Facebook and Apple through a program called PRISM.

A senior official in the IT department admitted that employees turn to service providers such as Gmail because of the ease of use compared with government email accounts which needs a thorough process to ensure the person is a genuine government user.

[Source: TOI]

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