Free SMS to Thailand

How about sending free SMS to your relatives and friends in Thailand? Here we explore some ways to get the task accomplished.

SMS using Yahoo Mail Beta

The new Yahoo Mail Beta allows you to send free SMS to Thailand. The service is currently being offered for Yahoo users in India, United States, Philippines, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. To know more about sending SMS using the new Yahoo Mail Beta, you can visit our earlier article here

SMS using Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger, the popular chat application also provides the facility to send free SMS to Thailand. The mobile carriers in Thailand currently supported by Yahoo Messenger are AIS and DTAC. In Yahoo Messenger, you need to enter the country code +66 followed by the Thailand mobile number. To know more about using Yahoo Messenger to send messages, you can visit

Your friend can identify the messages send through Yahoo Messenger by means of the sender code received along with the message (AIS – 4508040, DTAC – 1924668).




SMS using Chikka Messenger version 4


You can use Chikka Messenger version 4 to send free SMS to Thailand. A free Chikka Messenger login account is required to send SMS through the Messenger. For a free account and chikka messenger version 4, you can visit To know more about how to use Chikka Messenger, you can visit our article Chikka Messenger to send free SMS

Currently Chikka Messenger supports DTAC mobile carrier in Thailand. Recipient will not be charged for receiving messages, but replying from the mobile will cost 3 baht (~4.50 Indian Rupees).

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