Peekamo – Mobile Social Networking with Free SMS

Peekamo is the next generation of combined mobile and online social networking for the United States and Canada. Peekamo is a useful tool that offers free ad-supported text messaging included in the social network.

Users must establish a site nickname by creating a profile, which is used in the body of the message to indicate who the text is from. Your actual phone number doesn’t ever show up. That is, anonymous text messaging.

Peekamo provides the option of text-messaging from a computer. You can log on and go to the inbox and send and receive messages without incurring text-sending fees. Of course, for this to work, your friends have to join Peekamo too. Another feature is the ability to filter bad language. The site filters “keywords that are regulated by the FCC.


Peekamo’s superior tools enable people to discover other people from around the world using either their computer or their mobile devices. Peekamo is people’s network, managed by the people. Networks are divided by regions from around the world, independently.

Peekamo users can keep in touch with their friends, family and extended networks because of their ability to community with no boundaries any time, any where using their mobile device the same way they do online and in real life.

To join Peekamo, people authenticate their mobile device/phone. They can then send no cost text messages to anyone inside or outside the Peekamo Network, create their personal profile and identity to connect with friends, share interests, join social groups, participate in programs such as Peekr, write notes and post photos.

People can limit the information visible to someone or block that person from seeing them or sending them Peekamo messages completely (inside and outside the Peekamo Network).

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