Facebook Text Messages – Activation, Control and Use of SMS

You can send SMS to Facebook to update your status, message your friends, or send a poke on the go. You can also choose to receive texts with messages, pokes, and wall posts from your friends right when they happen. [more]

Send text messages to: 9232232665 (92FACEBOOK)

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Update status is at john’s party
Message msg john smith what’s up
Search search john smith
Get cell # cell john smith
Events event
Wall Post wall john smith happy birthday
Add friend add john smit

Under the Mobile Phones Settings, you can activate Facebook Mobile to receive friend requests, messages, wall posts, and status updates on your phone, or upload photos and videos on the go. You can add your mobile phone number to Facebook. You can switch Facebook Text Messages on or off. You opt to receive text (SMS) notifications only from friends too. You can control that schedule (time limits for receiving SMS updates and control the number of SMS you receive per day.

In the Notifications Settings page of Facebook, you can select to control which notifications you receive from Facebook and applications on your registered Mobile Phone.

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