Drawpr – Upload And Share Files Online

Drawpr allows you to upload and share files with your friends and family with the link provided to you. It is fast and does not cap your total uploading limit. Users are free to upload as much as they like. However, the bucket is deleted after 60 days if nothing is uploaded or downloaded from it. Users can also make the buckets public or private. The private one is only accessible by people who have the password to it.

[advt]Another advantage of Drawpr is the fact that you are provided with a short link to the file, such as the one provided by bit.ly, ow.ly, etc. Just drag and drop the file you want to upload into the bucket and watch it upload. After uploading the file, it generates a link to download the file which can be shared with friends and family. If you want to manage your uploaded files, you can sign up for a free account. One advantage of making an account on Drawpr is that you will be able to keep your files hosted for a longer period.

On Drawpr, everything is taken to the most basic level. You’re provided with buckets where you can drop anything you want to have stored online, and the content of any bucket is shared by spreading its unique URL around.

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