Splarchive – Converts Your Files to PDFs and Stores in Private Cloud

Splarchive is a free service that converts your files to PDFs and stores them in your own private “cloud” where you can search and display your files from any device. It enables you to save, search and read all of your documents for years to come. It is built on the PDF format which is the preferred open standard for preserving digital documents. Once you Splarchive your files, no company in the world can ever get between you and your documents.

Splarchive Is Easy: Uploading your files to Splarchive is as easy as sending an e-mail. There’s nothing to learn and no instructions to study. Just e-mail your file to Splarchive and the system does the rest. Setting up an account is free and within minutes you’ll have your own personal “cloud”.

Splarchive Is Evergreen: Splarchive is based on the industry standard PDF format that will never be outdated. It’s a system that is ubiquitous and long term. Your Splarchive files will be accessible for generations to come.

Splarchive Is Anywhere: Its platform agnostic and based on open, universal standards. That makes Splarchive compatible with any device, in any environment and on any system. Whether you use desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, you’ll always be able to access your files.

[advt]If Splarchive receives an empty or blank e-mail with no body or no subject, the system will simply ignore it. The only exception is if you send in a web page via a link (URL) in the subject line. If it has an attachment, it will save and convert the attachment like normal. If any of the attachments are found to be corrupt, they will be rejected.

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