Joukuu – Centralize Your Files from All File Backup Accounts

Joukuu centralize all your backup files, share, edit and collaborate with friends and colleagues across multiple accounts. You can add accounts from different service providers, you also can add different accounts from same service providers, such as two Dropbox accounts. It currently supports Google Docs, Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Huddle and Skydrive. At Joukuu, you can download files from different accounts, you can delete files, rename files, upload files, share files and even edit files through Google Docs.

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  • Support multiple accounts: Currently Joukuu supports Google docs, Dropbox and It will support Skydrive, Sugarsync, Huddle and Zoho soon. For each service providers, you are able to access and manage multiple accounts.
  • Search file across accounts: Search files and folders across multiple accounts, get what you are looking for easily just with a simple keyword on any computers. Search functions currently both available on Joukuu Web and Joukuu Plus application.
  • Share files easily and safely: You can share any files from any accounts to anyone on Joukuu easily and safely. Your files will only shared to specific persons, anyone else wouldn’t be able to search or download your shared files at any places.
  • [advt]Edit files on Google Docs: Joukuu has fully integrated with Google Docs. Any documents from any accounts will be able to open and edit on Google Docs without downloading and uploading. Easy collaborate with colleagues and friends also.
  • Collaborate with other people: If you backup files on Dropbox, but you want to collaborate with your colleagues who backup files on, Joukuu makes it simple. Just share the file to your colleague and then you both can edit same time on Google Docs.
  • Desktop application: Joukuu provides a desktop application, where you can access and manage all of your backup files on your local computer across multiple accounts. You don’t have to download all files or folders to your computer only when you need it.

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