PageLines – Build Professional Websites Faster using WordPress

PageLines Drag & Drop Framework and WordPress to build professional websites faster, easier and better than ever before. It sells and supports professional web-software for the self-hosted WordPress platform. It offered some cool CMS design options, a drag-and-drop layout editor, and a fully configurable template builder for creating custom websites.

The PageLines Store. For developers, designers, or people who want to build cool websites without worrying about coding, this should be of interest. The store is basically an app store for “drag & drop” sections, plug-ins, sections, and themes all of which have been built by developers for the PageLines community. Apps in the store will range from drag and drop sections that customize the style of a website to an integrated system for eCommerce or a community forum and other functionality.

[advt]The startup is also announcing the PageLines Developer Community, Workshops and LeContest, which will all be “focused around educating and helping designers and developers become successful with PageLines”, according to the startup’s blog post. In terms of the contest, all developers have to do is build a cool plug-in, drag & drop feature, etc.

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