DailyBooth Photoblogging Website – Share Images and Documents

DailyBooth is photoblogging website to share your images and documents with others. The site allows users to tell stories through their photos. With DailyBooth, users can also add status updates to go along with their images.

The photo format of DailyBooth makes it fun and easy to show the world what the user is doing or did today. The site works in real time so friends and family can always review the most up to date images and status postings on a user’s profile.

DailyBooth gives users a fun, entertaining way to stay in touch and keep others informed on what is going on in their lives. With daily Booth there was no need to sign up, just snapping a picture. With DailyBooth, you get real time updates on what your friends and family are doing every day.

DailyBooth has an iPhone app. Devices like the iPhone 4, with a front facing camera, are particularly DailyBooth-friendly. The new iPad, also with a front facing camera, is just an enthralling to the company.



  • Post an image as your status update[advt]
  • Add text to go along with the image
  • Connect with friends through Twitter
  • Follow friends for quick access to their status updates
  • See who is following your profile
  • Be the first to comment

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