myYearbook – Social Playground for Teens

myYearbookmyYearbook is a new community for teens. It is a great social playground where you can communicate with school friends, upload pictures, stories, videos and do just about what every other teenage. With myYearbook, Members can make new friends by creating profiles, interacting through chatter, a real-time stream, sending virtual gifts, and playing games.

If you log on to My Yearbook’s home page you will be greeted by bright colors and catchy fonts promoting the nineteen different area options available including: friends, games, videos, battles, tv, and quiz. The creators have provided kids with the necessary standbys, but also have included a couple of unique new areas.

myYearbook users earn Lunch Money either by completing activities on myYearbook or by buying Lunch Money credits.

Lunch Money on myYearbook can be used to buy virtual gifts for friends or for the recently launched Causes program. myYearbook turns the virtual contributions from users into concrete, real-world items by making monthly donations to an array of charities on behalf of its members.

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