Climsy Lightweight Windows Clipboard Software

ClimsyClimsy is a lightweight Windows Clipboard Software that is developed by the developers of System Explorer, a powerful and popular Windows system information tool. With Climsy you are always just One Click to Share your Image. You can share your clipboard images over internet or network.

Images can be uploaded to or servers or can be stored to local or network disk. It supports jpg and png image formats and contains small build-in image editor.

Climsy’s main features are monitoring the Windows clipboard for images that are copied to it and to process those images locally or remotely.

The interesting thing behind Climsy is that it works browser and program independently. It works in Firefox, and continues to work if you switch to Chrome, Internet Explorer, your favorite feed reader, picture viewer or the Windows desktop.


Climsy provide uploading of image directly to an image host before posting it on a website, forum or another place on the Internet.

With Climsy, it is possible to copy a local image to the clipboard which could then be stored on Dropbox or uploaded to the supported image hosting site.

The url that is created at the image hosting website is automatically copied to the clipboard by Climsy.

Climsy Features

  • Available as a portable version and an installer[advt]
  • Can process local and remote images as long as they are copied to the clipboard
  • Support for upload to, or Dropbox servers
  • Supports url shortener
  • Customizable image format (jpg or png) and image compression (jpg)
  • Share your clipboard images over internet or network
  • Lightweight application with minimal resources usage
  • Multilanguage support

How Climsy Works:

  • Press “Print Screen” or copy image to clipboard
  • Climsy shows Tray Notification with information about new image
  • Click to Notification and receive public URL for the image

Climsy offers interesting options for several user groups. Climsy is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Download Climsy

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