Frintr – Create Mosaics Profile Picture for Facebook, Twitter and Myspace

FrintrFrintr is a web based tool for creating mosaics of your profile picture from all your friend’s profile pictures. Facebook, Twitter and Myspace are currently supported. Frintr creates a collage of all your friend’s profile pictures and tries to arrange them in such a way that when viewed from a distance they appear to form another image, most often your own profile picture.

For best results from Frintr you will need at least 50 friends, the more friends, the more profile pictures you can use and so the more detailed and less repetitive the final collaged Frint will appear.

With Frintr, you can make as many low resolution (600×600) collages as you want, free of charge, if you’d like a higher resolution version then you can pay for a digital download or have an A3 print posted to you.

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