Share Before and After Images in “Befter” – Retouched Photos

Befter is a web service used for the sharing of before and after images. It is ideal for photographers and freelancers to show their work retouched or reconstructed. You can use at multiple places within a page automatically blog view or category view, all are supported. It is compatibility with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Google Android devices.

The images that are posted on the site go by the name of “Befts”, and you can see both the most popular and the most recent ones on the main page. You can also see the ones that have been liked the most, and these that have been discussed time and again.

Befteris free to join and use. It is available both in English and in Portuguese, too.

Key Features

  • Find friends[advt]
  • Upload your own pictures
  • Watch the changes of that celebrity’s look.
  • Share images with your contacts in other social networks
  • Show works by yourself
  • Create your own goals



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