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Pimero is a free alternative to Outlook that helps the user to schedule tasks on the calendar, maintain e-mail contacts, chat, and sync with devices and social networks, works as email client, and more. In fact Pimero is regarded as an effective replacement to Microsoft Outlook. The user can do a whole lot of things using this free Outlook alternative application. Using Pimero the user can plan his/her office tasks, schedule meetings, create personalized emails to be sent to friends or colleagues, synchronize android and iphone devices,blackberries and Windows mobile devices, subscribe to RSS feeds and much more.

Download Pimero


  • Scheduling tasks and appointments, categorizing each of those tasks into customized groups,sharing calendar with friends and colleagues, etc can be done effortlessly using the organizer that is available.
  • Adding reminders, scheduling meetings and communicating it across to the colleagues, can be done as well.
  • [advt]Sending and receiving emails, just like any other emailing service.
  • Adding and creating contacts from signatures in the email is possible.
  • Creating html and text emails with spell check options , using multiple language dictionaries etc., can also be done.
  • Contact manager allows the user to store business cards of the contacts, email Ids, phone numbers etc., The user can also group the contacts into different groups, and search them using the integrated search feature.
  • The user can also initiate a skype call, print business cards, and import contacts from Outlook as well.
  • Creating tasks and setting deadlines, sharing the tasks among a group of people can also be done.
  • The user can connect this application to social networking Websites such as Facebook, Twitter and even subscribe to RSS feeds and have them viewed on the mailbox.
  • Initiating Skype calls, chatting with friends and colleagues, creating and sharing agendas can be done using the application.

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