Microsoft Touch Mouse Launched in India at Rs 3,999

Microsoft LogoMicrosoft India launched the Touch Mouse which is exclusively designed for Windows 7. The new Microsoft Touch Mouse combines the virtues of the old familiar mouse with multi-touch gestures.

The new touch mouse makes everyday tasks more fluid and intuitive by using natural gestures instead of clicks.

The Microsoft Touch Mouse priced at Rs 3,999, is based on BlueTrackTM Technology and is ambidextrous in design.

touch_mouseIt marries natural human gestures with the ability of an electronic mouse and helps click, flick, scroll, pan, tilt and swipe on Windows 7 seamlessly. A first of a kind in India, the Touch Mouse is soothingly captivating, given its fluid, rhythmic movements, seamless and unobstructed surface, and multi-functionality.

The Touch Mouse’s multi-touch functionality helps users navigate easier and faster with a flick of their fingers. The look-and-feel of the new Touch Mouse is delightfully simple, yet pleasing to the eye – minimal edges, curvaceous corners, and softly sloping. Its rich matte black surface gives the perfect grip; at the same time, it is comforting to the fingers.

The mouse pad is made redundant by this little work of art as it can be used on all surfaces, except clear glass and mirrors.

Top Features and Benefits:

  • Multitouch surface lets you use natural gestures to snap, navigate and control content with a touch of a finger.
  • Flick scrolling functionality lets you quickly scroll and pan through documents.
  • [advt]Improved task switching on Windows 7 gives you superior mouse performance and experience on the PC.
  • BlueTrackTM Technology allows you to ditch your mouse pad and mouse on virtually any surface, including granite, marble, carpet and wood.
  • Snap-in Nano transceiver gives you the option to leave the transceiver plugged into the computer or conveniently store it in the bottom of the mouse.

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