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Browzar LogoBrowzar is a simple and easy to use free internet browser that lets you browse privately, without leaving any trace of your browsing. It deletes all the history of your browsing, and objects created during your browsing session, including cookies. It has an easy to use interface. In case of a crash you will find a text file on your computer so that when you open your Browzar it will clean up all the unnecessary leftovers but the file will be deleted when you close the Browzar. Moreover,it deletes any cookies created during your session so that you won’t see anyone else’s profiles or emails on it. Browzar has a secure delete function that overwrites the entire file contents with zeros,ones,random data and renames the file multiple times to obscure records and delete the file.
Browzar is designed to suit your private browsing needs. It is your own personalized browser that can be used discreetly. It is free of cost and you don’t even need to install it.

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  • When you are inputting a search item, it automatically guesses what you are looking for on the basis of your previous inputted search items
  • It does not support downloading ActiveX components which is a part of its security measure
  • [advt]In case you want to close the Browzar immediately, you can hit the boss button and it automatically cleans up the files
  • It does not record any sites or media you visited while using browzar
  • It has an inbuilt popup blocker which can be turned on or off as per your choice and it is set on by default
  • It has the ability to save items and change the text size on a web page
  • You can select the new tab button and open up as many sites as you want to
  • It deletes all the data that is usually retained in the application folder when you visit sites containing java objects
  • It cleans up all the temporary files
  • Auto-complete blocking: Browzar blocks auto-complete and doesn’t remember what you typed whilst you were browsing or searching

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