Zoho Projects – Online Project Management Software with Bug Tracking

Zoho Projects is online project management software with collaboration and bug tracking that allows project teams to collaborate and get work done faster. Planning and Tracking helps you keep your project on schedule. Collaboration helps improve the communication within the team. And the Bug Tracking module allows you to track the bugs that software projects are bound to generate and fix all bugs in time. Plan, track and collaborate on projects. Keep everyone in the loop. A centralized place where relevant project documents and contents are stored, updates are posted, everyone exchange ideas and get work done faster.

  • ┬áTask Management: With Zoho Projects planning your projects becomes a snap. Use milestones to organize projects, set dependency for your tasks, assign ownership and priorities.
  • Bug Tracking Software: its bug tracker combines a clean interface to organise bugs with custom workflows, business rules and fix bugs which makes bug tracking painless and simple.
  • Time Tracking Software: Record your working hours; Export data and generate reports quickly with timesheets. You can also send invoices and follow up payments with your clients.
  • [advt]Project Reports (Gantt Charts): Reports visually represent how the team is progressing against pre-defined goals. Track exactly how much time is spent on what tasks for which clients.
  • Project Calendar and Meetings: Schedule team meetings, gather notes, post links all from within Zoho Projects. Project Calendar gives you the power to revolutionize the way your team works.
  • Online Project Chat: The built-in chat rooms allow everyone on the project to quickly come together and discuss important topics to make decisions faster.
  • Project Wiki (Intranet): Wikis offer a simple and quick way for anyone to create web pages and publish them for your project team to see with seamless navigation.
  • Document Management: Create files directly on the browser without having to install any additional software. Tag files with labels and keep track of changes with the version history.


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