Ibis Reader – ebook Reading System for Smartphone, Netbook, Tablet and Computer

Ibis Reader is an ebook reading system for your smartphone, netbook, and computer. It helps you find the best books and then gets out of your way to let you enjoy reading them. You can start reading without having to download anything

  • Works on your computer, laptop, and your smartphone
  • Remembers where you stopped reading so you don’t have to
  • Stores your library online so you can access it anywhere and at any time
  • Keeps you reading even without an internet connection on iPhones, iPod Touches, and Android phones
  • Lets you download all your books at any time
  • Runs without software downloads or installations
  • [advt]Reads DRM-free ebooks in the EPUB format

How it works ?

Get started with Ibis Reader by finding an interesting book in Get Books. Click on one of the book sources to see the titles available, and then click on the cover of a book to see more information. Once you’ve found an interesting book, click Read to add it to your library and start reading.

Your ebooks are stored in the cloud; you can read them from any web browser and many mobile phones, anywhere in the world. When used with an iPhone and Android 2 phone, you can even read when you aren’t connected to the internet. If you find new things to read is a snap. Browse popular classics and brand new titles or search for your favorites. Already have ePub ebooks you’re dying to read? Upload them to your cloud library then read them on any computer or wirelessly sync to your mobile device.

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