Leftronic – Web-Based Dashboard

Leftronic is a Y Combinator-funded company that develops a web-based dashboard solution for monitoring a company’s most important data. Its dashboards retrieve a company’s metrics from popular services such as Google Analytics, Twitter, Zendesk, geo-located transactions, sales numbers and server stats and push that data to the their company dashboard display through simple API. The dashboards update in real-time and are designed for large screens. This makes it easy for teams to monitor their company’s critical metrics.

It offering up software that makes it easy for companies to aggregate data in their ambient displays, i.e. a display mounted on a wall. While many companies will squander programming time and money building their own mediocre display software, Leftronic provides ready-made ways of visualizing various types of data aesthetically.

It have become more prevalent due to cheap monitors and more data streams and are valuable because they reduce complexity and aid people in understanding sometimes confusing data. The Leftronic dashboards display data in a colorful fashion.

Leftronic’s dashboards are meant to turn complex monitoring processes into simple and visually enhanced experiences by tracking, parsing and presenting data in visual form.


  • Use templates to build dashboards in seconds: Whether you’re tracking where your users are, how your server is doing, or keeping a close eye on your top customer opportunities, it has a template for you and done all the work so that you can be up and running with a few clicks.
  • [advt]Customize your screen for your needs: Need to modify a template or build a dashboard from scratch? No problem. Its drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to add new functions to your dashboard as you see fit.
  • Track real-time data with powerful visualizations: Its animated, browser-based visualization engine looks amazing on a large screen, a laptop, or mobile device. It has carefully crafted the designs to catch your eye only when something important is happening.
  • Access your data, wherever it lives: It integrates to a wide range of third-party services, like Twitter, Zendesk and Google Analytics. Is it on your server? Use it simple API to push data to your dashboard.

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