Download CX – Automatically Backed up Your Files from Any Device

CX is the secure way to backup, sync, access, and share all your files from any device, from any location.  With CX you can have peace of mind knowing that your files are automatically backed up and secured.  It help keeps your important files in perfect sync across multiple devices.  Manage your files, photos, calendars and address book in one convenient location.

While most systems are set to back up your data at regular intervals, it keeps your data in-sync in real-time no matter which computers you use most. Your data is always available on any computer at any time you can even get to your files securely from someone else’s computer via simple, encrypted web interface.

Download CX 

Access Your Files Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device.

  • [advt]Never “forget” a file again
  • Stop emailing files to yourself
  • Works with all Major Platforms – Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Web Client.

CX Takes has an effortless tagging system that allows you to connect files by tagging them. Tagging allows you to use your company’s internal jargon or naming system to seamlessly integrate with the CX platform.

CX is a state of the art online service that provides secure storage, real-time syncing, public and private sharing, interactive group collaboration and intelligent discovery. It is where your content has a home, can be accessed on the go, can be shared with your friends or published online.

Store your content movies, music, photos, documents, and more. Free your files from aging devices and never worry about losing anything again. Enoy 10GB of online storage for free.

With its real-time syncing capabilities, you can keep all your important content in sync, no matter how many devices you have. Witih CX Sync, you can quickly copy countless folders, including large files.

You are able to sync and store any type of file on the CX cloud.  However, to open files on the mobile clients, web client, and mobile device clients you must have a view/reader for that file type.  It allow for viewing and previewing of most image types and some document file types, however, if you can’t open these file without CX.

Store all of your content in the cloud: Free your files from aging devices and never worry about losing anything again. Enjoy 10GB of online storage for free!

Sync effortlessly across devices: Sync files between your computer and other devices. Always have access to the latest files no matter where you are.

Share your content effortlessly: Post your files to the web, or share privately with friends. Let others download, share and comment on your content.

Collaborate with your community: Collaborate seamlessly with others in a group. Sync, share files and create a conversation around your workflow and interests.

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