Wajam – Social Search Extension for Your Browser

Wajam is a social search extension for your browser that lets users get recommendations from friends by letting them search through public and private data shared on social networking platforms. You and your friends share lots of great content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It lets you find that content when you search with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook Twitter and Blekko. You can use Wajam with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

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When you do a search in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook Twitter or Blekko, you’ll find your most relevant Wajam result at the top of your search results. Along with this result you’ll find information about who shared the item, any comments they made about it, and how many other friends also shared that same piece of content. Above your top Wajam result, you’ll find a breakdown of friends who have shared the most content that’s related to your search. If you’ve saved or shared any results that are related to your search term then you’ll be listed first, so it’s easy to find your content again.

To see your top 11 Wajam results for your search term, click View more results from friends. To see results for your search term that were shared by a specific friend, click on their name if it appears above your Wajam result, or click on +317 friends (number taken from image above). If a Wajam result was shared by multiple people, you will see Shared by # friends next to the URL. Click on this link to see all the comments about the item.

To sort your results by newest or oldest, click Options, then click Newest or Oldest. To filter results by source, click Options, then click on the source(s) that you’d like to filter out. All of the sources that you’ve added that have relevant results for your search term will automatically be selected. Not finding what you’re looking for? Try clicking on one of the search terms under your top result.

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