Archify – Personal Archive that Shows Every Webpage You Visited

Archify is a personal archive that remember everything you’ve seen on your online travels. In addition to indexing all the content you’ve visited, it will take a screenshot of every page, allowing you to not only find content, but view it exactly the way it looked on the day you visited the page.

How does Archify work?

The main feature of this app consists of a plugin you must install in your web browser. So then, with the plug-in installed, which will be a button on your browser’s menu, you can start indexing the pages you are interested in. This is done automatically, and it will store on the cloud navigation. They go visual also; you not only save an URL and some tag to identify it on a menu, but the software keeps a screenshot so that you can see the website as you saw it that time you decided to keep it. It is like having your own search engine for the things you have seen around on the net, because besides storing it, you will have a search engine too.

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